Flat sawing is typically used to perform precise cuts or flat surfaces such as roads, bridges, slab on grade, and suspended floor slabs.  Flat sawing is also used to cut control joints on green concrete.  Donley Concrete Co. has the capabilities to saw up to 30” deep.  Donley also has a wide variety of gas, diesel, propane, and electric saws to use based on the job application.



Core drilling is a process used to create precise round holes in both horizontal and vertical surfaces.  Common applications for core drilling may include test cores, dowels, anchors, and penetrations for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.  Donley Concrete Co. can drill ½” diameter to 60” diameter holes with unlimited drilling depth.  Donley offers various core drilling equipment based on the job requirements.  Based on the application, core drilling can be electric or hydraulic hand held or mounted to the surface which can be vertical, horizontal, angled, or upside down.



Wall sawing utilizes hydraulic driven equipment mounted to a track used to cut precise openings and cuts on both vertical and horizontal surfaces as well as round structures.  Wall sawing is commonly used to create openings for windows, doors, louvers, and ducts.  Donley Concrete Co. is capable of sawing up to 30” of depth from one side and also has the capability to saw flush, upside down, and angled.  Most jobs can be performed using hydraulic power generated from the truck; however portable electric units can be used when truck access is not available.



Donley Concrete Co. offers a variety of hand saws used to create openings or cuts in vertical and horizontal surfaces.  Typically hand saws are used in tight spaces where larger equipment cannot be utilized.  Hand sawing is also used to cut small and irregular openings as well as eliminating overcuts to create perfect 90 degree corners during the wall sawing process.  Donley Concrete Co. offers hydraulic, gas, and electric hand saws capable of cutting up to 24” depth from one side.



Donley Concrete Co. utilizes curb sawing trucks for residential and commercial curbs to be cut in for new approaches as well as handicap ramps.  This equipment can also be used on retaining walls and parapet walls when truck access is available.



Donley Concrete Cutting Co. offers Ground Penetrating Radar.  GPR is a non destructive inspection method to view and locate components below and within concrete and other materials.  Using radar pulses to image subsurface, GPR can locate and verify depth and approximate size of objects such as but not limited to reinforcement, conduit, pipes and cables.



We have several electric excavators that are used to dig to a depth of 5 feet while fitting through a 34” wide doorway. These excavators may be small, but they are very efficient at digging in confined areas. They are powered by 480 Volt electric motors that conveniently plug into our trucks.



Wire sawing is a process used to cut thick materials that are either too thick or cannot accommodate traditional sawing methods.  Wire sawing can be used to create both round and square openings with unlimited depth.  Common applications for wire sawing include walls, slabs, piers, towers, foundations, and bridges.  Donley Concrete Co. offers experienced and specially trained operators for this method of sawing.